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We are very proud of the products that we sell and only recommend Animal Tracker as a partner for microchip registration. As one of the largest microchip databases in the UK, Animal Tracker is fully compliant with current Government legislation (DEFRA), relating to registration and record keeping for dogs.

Animal Tracker is run by fully trained and experienced staff who understand the needs of both the implanter and pet owner. It operates a 24 hour telephone number for lost and found pets which is manned 365 days a year. Animal Tracker is very competitively priced, enabling pet owners to keep their records up to date at a very low cost. Registration of microchips is very easy, their intuitive system means that you can register a single microchip or entire litter in just a few minutes, and the first registrations are free for breeders.

Why we choose Animal Tracker

  • It's completely free for microchip implanter/ breeders to register their microchipped litters via their free Animal Tracker accounts.
  • Registrations or transfers from the implanters to the breeder are completely free (for both parties).
  • It takes just minutes to register an entire litter. Implanters can even use their phone to scan microchip label barcodes.
  • Without question Animal Tracker is the best value microchip database available.
  • New owners can pay a one off fee of £9.95 per pet for a basic account or upgrade to a Premium Account, this includes registration for up to 5 pets with unlimited account updates, alongside many other fantastic benefits including 24/7 vet access for unlimited online consultations, all for £16.95 annually.
  • Animal Tracker is one of the largest and fastest growing DEFRA approved databases in the UK.
  • Animal Tracker operate a 24/7 telephone helpline and their staff are fully trained and experienced in microchip implanting and animal breeding.
  • All microchips are registered with the national lost and found pet network.
  • Pet owners have full control over their registrations and can even include vet details and temporary keeper addresses when the are away from their pet, for example if they go on holiday or are away for business.
  • Implanters, breeders and pet owners get access to exclusive pet related discounts and offers from top brands.
  • Free basic Animal Tracker accounts for animals adopted through registered Welfare Centres.

Animal Tracker is incredible value when compared to the costs of registering on other databases. If you're a microchip implanter, click the button below to create your free Animal Tracker microchip implanter account, and register your iDLOGIC microchips.

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