8mm RFID Animal Microchip

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Our premium 8mm pet microchip comes ready to use, each microchip is ergonomically designed and features a disposable syringe, pre-loaded with an ISO compliant, anti-migration coated 8mm x 1.4mm microchip, housed within a high precision medical grade sterile needle.

These pet microchips are manufactured to EU standards, with biocompatible glass and come with 8 barcode labels relating to the individual chip number, which can be used for microchip registration and record keeping. Each package is sterilized when sealed with an indicator to confirm that complete sterilization has been achieved.

For your convenience, each pet microchip is supplied with instructions for registration, an implanter record sheet, a breeder registration card and a keeper registration card. These 8mm microchips can be registered for free on the DEFRA complant UK Animal Tracker microchip database.

This tiny microchip has a much superior read range when compared to 7mm microchips. Like the 7mm microchip it's suitable for small mammals, rabbits, kittens and cats, however this 8mm microchip has a stronger signal than the 7mm microchip, so is also suitable for puppies and small to medium sized dogs. Although these can be used for larger dogs, the slightly bigger 10mm microchip will be easier to find in a large dog when scanning for the microchip.

Due to increased demand these chips are currently out of stock, however we have lots more due in stock on the 24th May. Our 10mm microchips are a great alternative and are still very small but offer an excellent read range, they are suitable for rabbits, cats and dogs of all sizes. Click here to view our 10mm microchips. If you would like us to reserve some 8mm microchips feel free to drop us an email at support@idlogic.co.uk and we'll let you know as soon as they've arrived.

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8mm RFID Animal Microchip
8mm RFID Animal Microchip
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