FlipScan Microchip Scanner (Blue)

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FlipScan Microchip Scanner (Blue)

FlipScan is a new low-cost scanner for reading all ISO compliant pet microchips. It's small size means that it fits neatly in your pocket!

The FlipScan comes with a protective zip-up case case, USB charging cable and instructions for use. The long lasting internal battery can be re-charged in less than 30 mins.

The bright and clear OLED screen displays the microchip number, scanner status and battery level. To preserve battery life the scanner will automatically switch off after 3 minutes of inactivity. Simply press the centre button briefly to actively scan for the microchip, the screen will change to indicate that the scanner is searching for the microchip. Once a tag is detected the scanner will beep and the microchip number will be displayed on the scanner screen.

The FlipScan is also available in eye catching pink.

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FlipScan Microchip Scanner (Blue)
FlipScan Microchip Scanner (Blue)
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